Hamar Laser Introduces Next-Generation Spindle Alignment Lasers

The L-702/L-702SP are Class II diode lasers designed primarily for alignment of spindles to sub spindles or tailstocks. They have 2 axes of angular adjustment to align the laser beam to be co-linear the axis of rotation of a spindle in which the unit is mounted.

The L-702 Spindle Laser comes in 2 configurations:

  • L-702 Spindle Alignment Laser – is a straight-line laser for spindle alignments in lathes, turning centers, OD grinders, slant-bed lathes and transfer-line and rotary-dial machines.
  • L-702SP Spindle Alignment Laser with Scan Plane – this adds a perpendicular scan plane to the L-702 spindle laser beam for checking cross-slide, turret-axis squareness and other milling axes in multi-axis, mill-turn machines.


  • Lathes and turning centers
  • Rotary-dial machines
  • Transfer-line spindle alignment to master parts
  • Turning applications (cylindrical, OD/ID grinders, lathes)
  • Twin-barrel extruders


  • Mounts in the spindle to project its axis of rotation, allowing even the largest transfer line machines to be aligned quickly and effortlessly.
  • Vertical and horizontal angular controls for fine-adjustment of laser to spindle axis of rotation.
  • T-261A 4-Axis Target provides live measurement data in 4 axes simultaneously (vertical and horizontal angle and center).
  • In addition to straight laser beam, the L-702SP has a perpendicular laser plane for measuring cross-slide squareness.
  • Runs for up to 8 hours with the rechargeable LiPO battery.
  • Compact and rugged.

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