M-124 LiPO Battery Pack

Hamar Laser continues to make it easy, we happily introduce the M-124-LiPO Rechargeable 9V Battery Pack

An alternative power source for most of our scanning and straight-line lasers Hamar Laser’s new M-124-LiPO Rechargeable 9V Battery Pack provides an alternate power source to our 9V A/C power supply. The rechargeable battery pack can be used to power most of our scanning and straight-line lasers.  Powers all L-730/L-740 Series Scanning Lasers and the…
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Machine Tool Alignment (3DPlot)

New Re-Designed S-1387 Machine Tool Geometry Software

Analyze and correct machine tool geometry errors – flatness, straightness, squareness and parallelism Hamar Laser’s Machine Tool Geometry Software is designed for machining center alignment. The program is used with our continuously rotating laser systems to measure and analyze the lines of motion of a machine’s main axes.  Geometric errors, such as flatness, squareness, straightness and parallelism, are automatically downloaded…
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R-1356-2.4ZB - Read15

New Read15 Software & R-1356-2.4ZB PDA

R-1356-2.4ZB with New Read15 Software Hand-held convenience, wireless communication via the ZigBee®Networking protocol, and multi- purpose Read15 alignment software A powerful, pocket-sized readout The R-1355-2.4ZB uses a rugged, IP 67 PDA combined with our Read15 software to display the data for our A-1519/A-1520 wireless targets and any of our L-730/740 Series rotating lasers. When combined…
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Hamar Laser Announces New Website and New No-Worries, 5-Year Warranty For Stealth Series™ Shaft Alignment Products

We are happy to announce that we have created a new website, www.stealthalignment.com, dedicated solely to our Stealth Series™ shaft alignment products.   We are also proud to announce that we are now offering a No-Worries, 5-Year Warranty for all Stealth products, which includes free loaners if there is a warranty issue. We also have come…
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Fixturlaser "Over Under" Technology

Tired of Worrying about Coupling Backlash?

Earlier this summer, I was training one of our new distributors from Central America and we started discussing Fixturlasers since they were a former reseller of those lasers. I was asking them how their system works and what they did for demos. I was pretty amazed to find Fixturlaser’s “rules for demos”: Don’t set the…
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Large machine with hard to rotate shafts-cropped

Don’t Worry about Shaft Applications where Shafts Are Hard to Stop Rotating

Came across this application from our distributor in Costa Rica. Here is a large gearbox where the shafts are hard to stop rotating. Due to this problem, the customer wanted to do the alignment without rotating the shafts, but we suggested they can rotate the shafts by using the S-680 and Auto Sweep™ instead!  How…
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