Exploring Tomorrow’s Precision at MARCON 2024 with Hamar Laser’s X-Series™

We’re thrilled to share a glimpse into our upcoming participation in MARCON 2024, an event that promises to be a significant milestone in the world of maintenance and reliability. Join us as we look forward to an enriching experience that goes beyond the traditional boundaries of precision technology.

Visit Hamar Laser X-Series at UT-RMC's MARCON 2024 March 4-7 in Knoxville, TN

MARCON 2024, hosted by The University of Tennessee Reliability and Maintainability Center, offers an exciting platform for Hamar Laser to share insights, engage with industry peers, and explore the evolving landscape of our field. The conference will be held at the Knoxville Convention Center in Knoxville, Tennessee from March 4–7, 2024. At our exhibit display, booth #32, we invite you to discover the nuances of precision alignment in an informal and interactive setting.

  1. Innovations Unveiled: Get ready for a casual showcase of our latest projects, including our patented Dual-Beam™ Technology and customization through our Build Your Own™ App Selector. We’re excited to demonstrate how Hamar Laser’s approach to precision is evolving, and MARCON 2024 is the perfect setting for this laid-back exploration.
  2. Connecting on Common Ground: Let’s meet, chat, and share experiences. MARCON 2024 provides a relaxed atmosphere for forging connections with industry peers, sharing stories, and finding common ground.
  3. Future Conversations: MARCON 2024 offers a platform to exchange ideas, explore possibilities, and gain a deeper understanding of where our industry is heading.

As MARCON 2024 approaches, we invite you to be a part of this unfolding journey. Hamar Laser looks forward to fostering connections, sharing our experiences, and contributing to the collective knowledge of precision in maintenance and reliability. Thank you for being a part of our community – we can’t wait to explore MARCON 2024 together!

For more information about MARCON 2024, please visit the conference website.

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