Our colorful new Timeline tells the Hamar Laser story!

We’ve been pioneers in laser alignment since our founding in 1967 by Martin Hamar, a brilliant and enterprising Cornell-educated engineer with 29 patents to his name today. So it’s no surprise that we’re credited with many industry “firsts,” including these, to name just a few.

  • 1976 – World’s first automatically sweeping precision laser plane (Model L-711)
  • 1981 – First invisible IR diode-based bore alignment laser (L-800)
  • 1990 – First visible diode-based, 4-axis shaft alignment laser (S-640)
  • 1992 – Triple-Scan® laser with 3 automatically sweeping laser planes (L-723)
  • 1996 – Laser alignment system with both scan plane and square plumb beam (L-720)
  • 2000 – First wireless shaft alignment system in the market (S-650)

We’ve just posted a Timeline to our new website that tells the interesting story of Hamar Laser’s 53+ years of innovation and leadership in words and pictures. Check it out!

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