New Training Center in Sarasota, FL

Hamar Laser is pleased to announce the opening of our new national training facility located in sunny Sarasota, FL. The new training center offers specialized training courses for students in various areas of our laser alignment and software products.

The center is managed by our worldwide laser alignment expert, Mr. Darel Ford. Mr. Ford has more than 30 years of laser alignment experience, not only as a trainer but also as a long-time service technician, which gives Mr. Ford an unparalleled depth of knowledge to impart to his students. He has expertise in all applications utilizing our world-renown laser alignment products. In addition, he is an expert at achieving the highest accuracy possible out of our laser products and knows from hard-earned experience, what works and what does not.

All of Mr. Ford’s experience has gone into the content of our training courses. Each course covers the basics, such as setup, calibration, laser theory and troubleshooting. In addition, we can customize each course to the specific needs of the students, providing valuable time saving short- cuts and hands-on training for almost any laser alignment application.

The courses are structured to offer an intensive mix of hands-on,workshop-style practice and in-depth analysis of alignment methodologies, which will teach the students the practical skills necessary to maximize the benefits of our lasers. The courses feature the latest,advanced laser alignment technology and methods employed in the laser industry. On completion of training, each student will be able to correctly setup the laser on various different kinds of machinery; conduct precision measurements; identify symptoms of misalignment; understand precision standards; undertake appropriate calculations and where necessary,conduct acceptance testing and commissioning of complex equipment utilizing our lasers.

Class duration varies from 4 – 40 hours depending on the area of application and the details included in the course.Each participant will receive a certificate of achievement to acknowledge their enhanced maintenance skills.

More details about the training programs offered by Hamar Laser can be found here.

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  1. Adam Martin

    I grew up learning laser alignment , my Dad does it for a living . I would love
    to have some training. This is the avenue I want to pursue.


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