Changes Aloft in Shaft Alignment Industry

Well now, things are a changing here in our laser alignment world.  First I see that Acoem has acquired Fixturlaser, one of our biggest competitors.   I wonder what this will mean for all those current Fixturlaser distributors as well as the employees.  Change is always difficult.  I am sure for those FL distributors who have Acoem distributors in their territories will be looking over their shoulders!

I also found out that the ever-industrious Neils Anderson, who started Fixturlaser, Damalini and now Gloi, has sold his company to SKF.  What’s next Neils?  He just got that company going, coming out with a nice gimmick of running shaft alignment kits on an iPad, and now he sells it?  I think SKF must have really liked the hardware and offered Neils an offer he couldn’t refuse!  I am quite sure SKF plans on incorporating those heads into their kits, which will help them overcome what I see a glaring hole in their lineup:  low-resolution hardware units.   I have never been impressed by SKF’s hardware with only a 0.01 mm resolution – not good enough!

Well it will be interesting to see what this does to the distributor line up.  Just for the record, we are always on the lookout for good, hard-working distributors, so let us know if you want to sell the best shaft kit in the industry!

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