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My father, Martin Hamar, started the laser alignment industry in 1967 and in all the years since then, he and the rest of us at Hamar have accumulated a wealth of laser alignment experience on almost any application you can imagine. Along the way, we have made our share of mistakes and have learned the hard lessons on how to align machinery. Amazingly, we have also met many really smart engineers, technicians and PhD’s who don’t have a clue about alignment! It blows my mind but we have seen it time and time again. So for most of our history we have been on a mission to change this.

First, we started by making our website as informative about alignment as possible by actually posting how our lasers work on a variety of applications in addition to the features and benefits. Now we are continuing that tradition with this blog.

The plan is to share as many stories about alignment as we can, including the do’s and don’t’s, so we can educate and inspire everyone to excellent alignment principles! This is because we know if you have better knowledge of alignment principles and proper practices, you will come to see the value of taking the time (not that much, really!) to do an alignment job the right way. We hope this will also lead you to appreciate good alignment tools, especially lasers!, because we know from years of experience that there is no better way of aligning machinery!

In addition to the education aspects of alignment, we will also discuss news and events happening in our industry, and we’ll offer some reasons why our lasers are considered to be the best in the industry, so don’t be surprised if you see some “us versus them” posts, too.

So if you are interested, please subscribe to this blog and let the information flow! Don’t worry we won’t inundate you with emails but we might just give you an idea or two from time to time.

Also feel free to leave a comment or email us with questions or issues. And if you have an alignment challenge we love those the best!

I look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. Chris Hart

    Hello Everybody, I am doing research into systems and demand for creating extremely flat and/or level floors even over large areas. My interest derives from a project I did in 2013 for the French nuclear agency CEA just outside Paris. They do neutron scanning and need floors to be extremely flat for running neutron capture equipment over the rectified floor. Surface specs run in the range of +/- .1 mm per 100 mm. This allows easy positioning of their the very heavy capture devices which float on pressurized floating plates. Anyone with knowledge or interest in open traffic super flat floors, including scanning systems for large surfaces, please get in touch to discuss the project and exchange ideas would be very welcome. Thanks for your time, and all the best in the precision industries!


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